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I'm new to PnP & provisioning engine.

From the samples on GitHub I created got a template from a site and provisioned to an existing site.

But on the site used as template I have modified the EditForm for the doc.lib with an extra script-web Part and jslink for the doc/properties wp. These modification aren't in the template xml nor the new site.

Also the views created for the same doc.lib is missing.

How do I get these modifications provisioned to the new site?


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the templates for your editform have to be in the xml as well. You also mentioned the views i guess you mean the views on a homepage? on default it always takes the standaard view 


you have to create a extra handler to change the view. But Must say they could have changed the part on the views lately



I used the GetProvisioningTemplate() to get a template from a site set up as I want the new sites to be.

Do I have to fill inn xml for lists edit- and view forms,  script web parts and web-parts jslinks manually?

Or is there a method/parameter/etc to get these additions from the site made for template?