PnP Provisioning composed look element not included in non-english sites

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We have just started using the OfficeDevPnP provisioning engine (Nuget SharePointPnPCoreOnline ver. 2.7.1609.3). Our solution is intented to work in a hybrid scenario (templates edited in SharePoint Online and applied to both Online as well as OnPrem sites). 


Everything works fine except Composed looks:

If extracting a template from an english site (lcid: 1033) and applying to an empty site (also lcid: 1033) then the composed look selected in the template is applied.

However if the template is a Danish site (lcid: 1030) and applying to an empty danish site, then the Composed look information is NOT applied. 


We are using the new pnp file format for persisting extracted template. When inspecting the pnp file, we can see, that extract from an english site with updated composed look has an element like the following:

<pnp:ComposedLook Name="Breeze" ColorFile="" FontFile="" BackgroundFile="" Version="0" />

This element is however not present in a template extracted from a Danish site. 


Are we missing something in the way we use the framework? - or is there some localization missing in the OfficeDevPnP.Core preventing the framework to be used in non-english sites?


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