PnP Provisioning: Are workflows exported when using the PowerShell Cmdlets or the PnP API?


Dear all,

Just a simple confirmation (I think the answer is absolutely "Yes" but I need to be sure): are workflows including when generating a provisioning template from an existing site using both the PnP PowerShell cmdlets or the PnP API?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi Juan,


i am just in the middle of this. So yes the Xaml is exported as well but what i miss is when you have a custom form it will not be exported.


What i did is use the good OLD IE explorer to go to the wfsvc directory and get the Form. Without a form the xaml should be enough.


Hope it helps.

Ey Paul,
Thank you very much for the confirmation and the tip...I really helps!!! When you talk about custom form: do you also mean forms creating when adding initiation parameters to the workflow?

Hi Juan,


exact if you use a different inititiation form with other parameter. you need to set initiationurl and please be aware of the guids


I started with this blog Link


But my workflowdef looks like this:

 <pnp:WorkflowDefinition Id="2dd4b9d5-8f5a-48b6-b594-0caf43e71f88" AssociationUrl="" Description="" DisplayName="Internal Review" InitiationUrl="wfsvc/2dd4b9d58f5a48b6b5940caf43e71f88/WFInitForm.aspx" Published="true" RequiresAssociationForm="false" RequiresInitiationForm="true" RestrictToType="List" XamlPath="Workflows\ReviewWorkflow\ReviewWorkflow.xaml">
              <pnp:Property Key="Definition.DisplayName" Value="Internal Review" />
              <pnp:Property Key="isReusable" Value="true" />
                <Field Name="Checkers" FormType="Initiation" List="UserInfo" ShowField="Name" Mult="TRUE" Type="UserMulti" UserSelectionMode="PeopleAndGroups" UserSelectionScope="0" DisplayName="Checkers" Description="" Direction="None" />
                <Field Name="ReviewsheetURL1" FormType="Initiation" NumLines="6" Sortable="FALSE" RichTextMode="Compatible" DisplayName="Review sheet URL" Description="Add the review sheet URL for this review round." Direction="None" Type="Note" />
                <Field Name="DueDateforalltasks" FormType="Initiation" Format="DateOnly" DisplayName="Due Date for all tasks" Description="" Direction="None" Type="DateTime" />
                <Field Name="InitiatorComments1" FormType="Initiation" NumLines="6" Sortable="FALSE" RichTextMode="Compatible" DisplayName="Initiator Comments" Description="Leave your comments for the checker(s) here." Direction="None" Type="Note" />

Where my reference in files looks like this:

 <pnp:File src="Workflows\ReviewWorkflow\WFInitForm.aspx" Folder="{site}/wfsvc/2dd4b9d58f5a48b6b5940caf43e71f88" Overwrite="true" />

Hope it helps