PnP: Provisioning a site and trigger a Flow or Function

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I'm using PnP Provisioning engine to create new sites/groups. I want to start a flow or function after or during the provisioning. I've tried using the SiteWebHooks:

<pnp:Webhook ServerNotificationUrl="" ExpiresInDays="31" SiteWebhookType="WebCreated" />

It seems that this webhook was created to so some tasks for the pnp schema:


I see some other workarounds:

1. Create a custom SPFx app to start a flow or function

2. Create a site from a site design


Does anyone have an idea to start flow from PnP Provisioning Engine?


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Hey @Bernd Verhofstadt ,


I ran into a similar problem recently. Basically, we have a governance system to record any team created. And I needed to know whether the provision was ready or not. My solution was to have a "Governance" List, where each item is a site created. the list also has a column "isReady" that I update to "yes" when my powershell script is done provisioning. So that's an option for you. Basically, you have a list to keep tracking of provisioning, have your script set(or create) an item in this list, and create a Flow to check, when an item is updated(or created) if it is ready, aka finished provisioning.


Let me know if you need any help.