PnP Provisioning a renamed list on the same site.

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I have noticed that certain lists on SharePoint Online can be saved as a template and appear in the List Gallery but cannot be added as an app.  In my case I want a provision an archive library. Done a bit of research and this was previously a problem with the missing "feature id" and "product version" which could be remedied with on-prem PS:


$web = Get-SPWeb <url of web> 
$web.ParserEnabled = $true 


I normally get around this with a PnPProvisioning template  with the List Handler. The issue is I can't seem to be able provision the same library in the same destination site, even with hacking the provisioning template: names and paths.  Which leaves the many GUIDS in the source list.. Am I looking at using the OM in say console app.

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