PnP Powershell - Setting "modified by" on documents in library

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I have a document library where I want to mass change the "modified by" of the documents in it. I've tried the following on a single document:



$List = "My document library"
$ID = "2"
Set-PnPListItem -List $List -Identity $ID -Values @{"Editor"="email address removed for privacy reasons"}




The response looks ok (doesn't throw any errors):




Id    Title                                              GUID
--    -----                                              ----
2                                                        xxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx




But, when I look at the document in the library, it has indeed changed, but it has the wrong user as Editor - It's the Powershell user that issued the command, rather than the user that I specified in Set-PnPListItem. What am I doing wrong?


(I wondered if I used the wrong field, but what I can see, "Editor" is the one to use)


EDIT: I also tried the field "Modified_x0020_By", but with the same result.

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@JimGr Yes, Editor is the correct internal name of Modified by column in SharePoint.


Also, you have to use the -UpdateType parameter with the Set-PnPListItem cmdlet.


Check below links for more information about what value to use for this parameter:

  1. Set-PnPListItem 
  2. How to change the value of a column "Modified By" of a SharePoint List with PowerShell?  

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