PnP PowerShell - Installing and publishing apps on the site collection app catalog

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It seems like Install-PnPApp and Publish-PnPApp cmdlets are only available for the tenant app catalog.
Is there anyway to make these cmdlets work for the site collection app catalog? If not, what are my options to go about installing/publishing apps on the site collection app catalog programmatically.


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Accoring to the article below "ALM APIs are not currently supported for the site collection app catalog. Support will be added in early 2018 


"Early 2018" has almost passed if you ask me, but I guess we have to wait a little longer...

So we can make an app catalog, just not put anything in it yet? That's weird.


Found this thread because I was able to put an SPFx app  in my site collection app catalog  (by drag and drop), but it doesn't show up as an available web part anywhere on my site. 

It seems like the following is working for adding and deploying to the site collection app catalog now:


connect-pnponline <url to site collection with app catalog>
Add-PnPApp -Path <path to sppkg file> -scope Site -Overwrite -Publish


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