PnP PowerShell - Adding SPFx web part to a 'classic' page

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Using PnP PowerShell, I'm able to add a .dwp or .webpart file to my page using Add-PnPWebPartToWebPartPage.

I can also add an SPFx client side web part to a 'modern' page using Add-PnPClientSideWebPart.


Is there a way then using PnP to add an SPFx client side web part to a 'classic' page?


I found a hacky way by manually adding the client side web part to the 'classic' page, exporting it to get the .webpart file and using Add-PnPWebPartToWebPartPage to add that file programmatically.

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Hi @Mark Andrada,


This can absolutely be done :)

You will need the Add-PnPWebPartToWebPartPage command as this is the one for classic pages 

Check example 2: you will need to create a variable that contains your web part XML and then pass that variable to the command.




I guess I'm a bit confused still. I have the client web part app added and installed on my site collection app catalog. How would I get the XML from here?
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Hi @Mark Andrada,


No problem, other commands will help here.


Start by adding the web part to a page.

Next, execute Get-PnPWebPart to get all the web parts on the page and identify the Id for the one you need to export as XML

Finally, use Get-PnPWebPartXml to get the XML for the web part (passing the correct Id)


Let me know if you find any problems, but it should be very easy to complete.