PnP-Partner-Pack - Site Provisioning page with documentlibrary view is not correct

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I am having a little issue i provision a subsite using PNP in the subsite i have a Page with 3 Webpart 2 of them are documentlibrarys. the problem i have is that the view is only 3 default columns. but the default view of my doc library is different. 


Now i tried to use a extention to edit the view i had no luck. I tried removing the Webpart and add it again with correct view no succes.


Does anybody know how to do this with csom?





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Great that you have found a solution Paul.


Can this be integrated into the Office Dev PnP Provisioning Engine, so the use of an extension method is not needed anymore? @Vesa Juvonen, @Bert Jansen

Today I've merged the PR's for issue 584: Think this should do the same as well

Looks promising @Bert Jansen.

Does this mean it's currently in the Dev-branch and will in the master-branch for the September PnP-Core release?

HI Paul,

can this be applied to change toolbar settings as well?

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