PnP Partner Pack for On Premises?

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Is there an open-source port/implementation of the PnP Partner Pack for an on-premises scenario? (i.e. a SharePoint platform with no O365/Azure integration)?

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You could just use PnP as a standalone package which you install on your development environment to use whith provsioning.

Or did you meant something else?

Hi Kuljeet,
AFAIK, no. But as with any other PnP asset, you can build your own solution using components that are part of the PnP project
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PnP Partner Pack is indeed a start-up solution designed for the cloud, which is then using PnP CSOM and PowerShell in the setup. There's currently no on-premises Partner Pack version. The current version uses Azure Storage queues for task management and Azure web jobs for backend processes. You could though pretty easily replace those code sections - using SharePoint list for task management and then have scheduled console app or Windows service for the backend timer job processes.
Thanks everyone; there seems to be a separate PnP reference implementation (Provisioning.UX.App) hosted at the URL below that appears to cater to an on-premises scenario; it sounds like we may have to roll our own solution for remote provisioning techniques in our case, but likely we can use the Partner Pack or the solution at link below, as well as other PnP samples/guidance as reference implementations/material for best-practice/solution guidance, etc.