PnP-IdentityModel and deprecation of .NET 4.6

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SharePointPnP.IdentityModel.Extensions was archived on GitHub a while ago and I have since used a fork to be able to run on .NET 4.7.2 so that TLS version is set correctly in Azure App Service (this is hardcoded to TLS 1.1 in earlier versions).


Now .NET 4.6 has been deprecated and removed from hosted Azure DevOps build agents. So the fork stopped building because tools are not installed and code is not compliable on later versions of .NET. My question what is the way forward for hybrid SharePoint apps? I support S2S high trust apps on premises and Azure AD in SharePoint Online? If the good old TokenHelp.cs is dead while SharePoint Server is supported, what is the recommended library for high trust apps?


Ping @Vesa Juvonen @Erwin van Hunen (based on previous discussion)

As a workaround I changed the build agent type from windows-latest to windows-2019 for now.

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