PnP ApplyProvisioningTemplate says target site has base template "STS#-1" instead of "STS#1"

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I am creating site collections and applying PnP templates.

After creating team and communication sites, I wanted to give the blank site a try.


The site I create is really simple

                var newSite = new SiteCreationProperties()
                    Url = rootUrl + siteTitle,
                    Owner = defaultOwner,
                    Lcid = 1033,
                    Title = siteTitle


So I am not providing the template ID here.

Later on I invoke the provisioningTemplate on the new site:

                    createdSiteContext.Web.ApplyProvisioningTemplate(provisioningTemplate, ptai);


the provided provisioning template has BaseSiteTemplate="STS#1"


The warning I get is as follows:

"Warning - The source site from which the template was generated had a base template ID value of STS#1, while the current target site has a base template ID value of STS#-1. This could cause potential issues while applying the template"


I never heard of "STS#-1". Accessing the site through PowerShell also tells me it is "STS#-1"


Is this a bug and it is actually the minus sign is obsolete or is a STS#-1 something specific?

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