PnP and HTTP - Sharepoint 2016 OnPremise


Hi all,

I work with a bunch of pnp scripts in a sharepoint 2016 on premise intranet. These scripts are complex but they are working fine for several months.
I use https protocol for all my site collections and web application.

Recently, I tried to deploy these scripts over an HTTP site collection but I always get several, and random, time out errors.

My question is, could be that PNP doesn't work ok with HTTP and HTTPS is required?


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at first: I assume you work with PowerShell PnP.


I had no trouble with http-Connections and PnP when I was working in my local DEV-SharePoint.

Which specific PnP Command does fail when you work with http URLs? If it is the connect-pnponline commandlet you could try the "IgnoreSSLWarnings" Switch.


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