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Im using Sharepoint Office 365 and I have custom workflows. I need the user to see only his workflow approval task on workflow.aspx page. But the workflow shows the name of all assigned to people as it assigns to the whole group (parallel and wait for 1st response only). How can I restrict the user to see only his name? Where are the settings? I can't access the workflow.aspx page for Sharepoint O365.



User A,B,C sees the workflow tasks for each other. I want the user A to see only his name if he is logged in and similarly B and C can see only their assigned to when logged in.Any help will be appreciated.


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The workflow page may not be a good solution for this as it is not designed to function that way, instead it shows the entire history of that workflow instance.


If you add a workflow tasks list webpart to a page you can change the view to show only the logged in users task, only show when not complete. Which will allow them to see all uncompleted tasks.


Hope that helps