People Picker without React?

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I got a SPFX webpart written without any framework. It is a form to create new items in a calendar list. 

One of the columns in the list is a textcolumn that expect an account name (display name). 

Is it possible in some way add a input field in the form that fetch the account names from sharepoint online?

I found a PeoplePicker component at the Office Fabric UI but it is seems to be used in a WebPart created with react and the web part I got only needs a new field and it seems to little to recreate the web part using react.


UPDATE: I dicovered that I don't need to use the webpart to save items in the list. The list out of the box form has a link that can be used to open the form from any page. And with a little update in the link can I fill the form and get back to the page from where I opened the form, nice! Here is the link to that trick: How-to-Redirect-to-a-different-page-after-adding-new-list-items-in-SharePoint 

Now My question is: how can I show a message just before I get redirected. It would be nice to let the user that the form has been saved before the redirect.


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