Pages and Items using PnP PowerShell Provisioning template

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I started looking into the PnP PowerShell framework for exporting and importing sites including all relevant content. This involves not only lists but also list items and e.g. Site Pages. Especially the Site Pages with the Web Part settings updated during import would be great.

But there seems not to be support for neither in the Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate as items and folders are not exported and in Site Pages only the frontpage seems to be supported.


Am I missing something here or is this actually the case? I have many cases where the promoted links is used on the front page for linking content in a nice manner - as these are items nothing is shown here.!!

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Hi Henrik, Till now it is not possible to export Content from the site so listitems document items etc is not possible and you can only get the Home Page. i guess this will change over time but would recommend a seperate tool foor that like ShareGate,Bittitan or avepoint.

You can only export the CT, Lists, Navigation, Workflows, pages successfully as of now. I did many migration and this is my expericen using PnP provisioning template commands from the PowerShell.