Open sharepoint link using doc ID in browser

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This is probably a basic question but I haven't figure out how to open a sharepoint link using a doc ID in the browser. adding ?Web=1 doesn't seem to work for those links.



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Did you use copylink from Doclib UI to get the link?d=GUID and use it as durable link?

Yes. I copied this link from Sharepoint to use it as a durable

The link you specified which has "DocIdRedir.aspx?ID=" is Document ID property. If you use Durable link which is in  link?d=GUID format it should help you get to document from anywhere.

I am not sure I follow. The link I provided that uses Doc ID works and is durable. My issue is that when the document the link points to is an Excel sheet. That durable link causes the browser to download the document. I would like the document to open in a browser. This is the behavior I get when I use the 'non-durable' link. 



Hi there, I happen to read your case and I believe the only way to achieve what you want is to set the Standard document Opening procedure to "in browser". you will find this in the Settings of your doclib. cheers.