Open in explorer option is not working in IE 11 for document library

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I am using IE 11 and trying to open a document library in Windows Explorer. But this button is disable in IE 11. This button is enable in IE 10. Can some please let me know any workaround?

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AFAIK, Explorer view should work with IE 11 the way, have you tried to configure IE 11 in IE 10 compatibility mode?

I have tried but it is not working.

Please try following below:


1) Check if the value of the following Registry key is “1”:
 right-click or tap-and-hold the Start button and then choose Run, input “regedit” 
and then press Enter to open the Registry Editor.
2) Go to HKey_Local_Machine > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer >

Main and switch the value to 1.
3) Have you enable the ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer? You may refer to:

4). Reset your Internet Explorer via Internet Options > Advanced > Reset Internet Explorer settings


Please also refer Microsoft troubleshooting article for SPO


If you still have issues go with Onedrive Sync option.