Open/Edit PDF files in Adobe Acrobat 2020 from SharePoint online

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Hi Everyone

Looking for the solution related to Sharepoint online and Adobe.

We have an application developed in azure and Sharepoint online that is being used as DMS. PDF files are stored in libraries and we need to have them opened in Adobe Acrobat 2020 (client requirement). Steps will be to locate the file in azure front end and click on PDF file, it should open in Adobe acobat. We are getting the continuous error "There was an error opening the document. The file can not be found". We are trying to set the registry setting to open the PDFs using acrobat: handler in the code. However its still not working.

We noted that if we open the file from the SharePoint site one time in IE, it will start working. But IE will be legacy and we want to use Chrome or edge only. After clearing IE cookies the issue will re appear.


What can be the best possible solution in order to open the PDF files directly in Adobe Acrobat from Sharepoint ?

We were thinking about using sync option or file on demand approach to call the files from folder structure ,please suggest if that can work or which approach will help there.

Thanks in Advance , looking forward for the suggestions.



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