OneDrive for Business - Upload document using PowerShell / CSOM


I am trying to upload a file (actually copy a file from a SP site) to the default Documents list in OneDrive for Business but the Copy-PnPFile -SourceUrl $source -TargetUrl $target cmdlet is expecting a relative path versus an absolute path to


Unfortunately I have not been able to find any PowerShell examples that can upload a file to OneDrive. Is it even possible?



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Thank you. Vesa also pointed me to the fact that I could connect to the OD4B site directly using the connect-pnponline PnP cmdlet and then use the Add-PnPFile cmdlet to upload the file.


connect-pnponline -Url $OneDriveURL –Credentials (Get-Credential)
Add-PnPFile -Path $Source -Folder "Documents" -Values @{Modified="5/1/2017"}