Offline Templates (attached to the Content Type) in SPO document libraries

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Hi there,


Using bespoke solution (console app) that consume PnP libraries to rollout templates [Templates are attached to the Content Type] across the libraries in the tenant.


Same bespoke (console app) is used to push any changes to the templates, we have been using the same solution (console app) for nearly 2yrs now.


Now users wants to use Offline templates. so that users can create document(s) offline and upload to the SPO libraries. Note that each template should be associated to relevant Content Type and multiple (about 60- 80) Content Types are used in libraries.


Insight and suggestion in meeting the above requirement is highly appreciated.


One of the users have referred this article , but it does not binding to any Content Type.


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Hi Raju


I dont think this is possible, SharePoint has a connection to the template (in the form of being associated with the content type) which just creates a new document based on whatever file (not really tied together).


But word does not know about a SharePoint content type offline. (and has to connect to the site to be able to fill it in through the File -> Properties)