Office Fabric UI in SP2013 - Fonts Issue

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We've been successful in creating solutions in SP 2013 using the Office Fabric UI React Framework. The icons load fine in Edge and Chrome, but not in IE11. The issue seems to be with the .ttf TrueType having the "installable" flag set. The environment we are working is following DoD STIGS, where a group policy disables installable fonts. What is Microsoft's guidance on how we can use load/use the Office Fabric UI in a DoD STIG environment? Accessing the icons page doesn't load most of the icons in IE currently.


The current solution we had to use was to send the font files and have them push it out on each machine. This is not the best solution, since it'll need to be updated manually. Telling users to use Chrome is also not a solution, since Office Web Apps do not run in Chrome (office 365 or on-prem).

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