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I have an Office 365 Developer Tenant that is expiring in 5 days. I want to know what all options I have to continue with this tenant? It is an older tenant that only included one user when I created it. I hear there are developer tenants that include 25 users now. Can someone confirm? I just want to explore all of my options before continuing to purchase this tenant at $8.25 per user per month.

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Hi, if you want to continue the one you have, you need to assign at least one license like you do. Dev tenants have 5 E3 dev license (at least in my tenant). Year one is free for dev, then $99/yr, so you could sign one up and check. See for more info.
..noticed you say "dev tenant". Is this a real dev tenant, or just one you signed up with a regular user? I believe all one year dev tenants can be kept on for $99/yr

Is what I show under subscriptions



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Which means the price is correct. I would send a support email asking it to be upped to more licenses like plans have now. I have 5, but mine is old(er) as well. Maybe they have 25 in new ones.

Just renewed my expired Office 365 Developer tenant and 25 licenses just turned to 1. Have anyone got their licenses back? It would be so much useful with for example 5 licensed users.

Office Dev Program <> fixed this for me.
How long did it take to receive a response from the Office Dev Program and correction to the number of licenses?

It was within 24 hours.