OAuth2 authentication

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Hi. I'm trying to access information from our Project Online installation from a remote server using the REST interface. I'm having trouble getting anything other than a 403 on api calls.


What I've done:

- Registered the app using the AppRegNew.aspx page. Successfully got a client id and secret.

- Set the permissions using the AppInv.aspx page. Included all the scopes for sharepoint as "FullControl" as well as all the Project specific scopes.

- Obtained a token successfully, but the token gave me authorization errors. 

- Was told that the Project REST resources require user permissions - I added the attribute AllowAppOnlyPolicy="false" to the AppPermisionsRequests element


Now, when I try to obtain a token I do indeed need to enter a user id and password. However, when I enter my credentials (which are the same as used to register the app, and as far as I know have maximum permissions on every asset, since I created the account and manage the subscriptions), it gives me an authentication error and won't issue a token. The message on the error is:


Screen Shot 2019-05-10 at 9.03.30 AM.png


So I'm pretty stalled... any trailhead to trying something different would be greatly appreciated!



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