NuGet Package Dependencies for SharePoint 2013 Environments

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The following two NuGet packages both appear to be maintained by Microsoft:

  • AppForSharePointWebToolkit
  • AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit


The former seems to target SharePoint 2013 and depends on "Microsoft.SharePoint2013.CSOM" while the latter targets SharePoint Online and depends on "Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM".


The SharePointPnPCore2013 NuGet package lists the "AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit" NuGet package as a dependency.  Should it not depend on "AppForSharePointWebToolkit" instead?

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Such dependency chain is very annoying. I found out that AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit package received Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM dependency since v. 3.1.4 and, as a workaround, I never update AppForSharePointOnlineWebToolkit higher than 3.1.2 in my projects for SharePoint On-Prem.

Hope this will be fixed, cause tracking child packages' versions is never a good experience.