Novice asking where to start in SharePoint Development

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Hi I would appreciate your help with my questions


I run a small business and am now using SharePoint heavily. I have created numerous lists and forms that customers to use to request services.


Updating the lists manually has become too time intensive. I have the opportunity to access the data I need to populate the list from a secure Cloud application. 

My Software Development background is novice and is limited to C++ and

Question: Is there a way to automate the process of populating my SharePoint lists using C# by accessing the data from the Cloud application?

If so where do I start with a tutorial? I cant find any tutorials online explaining this process.
I have a month or so to learn this process. 

If not possible with C# then what other tools/Programming languages  do I need to learn?

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You might to find just for examples of how to work with SharePoint Data by means of PowerShell / C# using the CSOM (Client Side Object Model) API. For example: