Not Able to find the List of Sites under a Hub Site

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Hi All

I have a requirement in which  need to retrieve the URL and the Title of Sites Associated in a HUB (Hub Site) programatically using the Rest API in Modern Site.

Can you please help me out in this?


Thanks and Regards

Asesh Maity


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Hi @Asesh Kumar Maity ,

there is the rest api 
GET /_api/web/HubSiteData but  is currently in preview, actually it's not supported for use in production environments.




What it means it is not supported in Production environment? I am not clear of it
I need to get the list of Hubsites n application customizer, how i can achieve it?

Hi @Asesh Kumar Maity ,

simply this api is in beta version , you can use it but it could change the response, metadata, attributes or even may not be supported in the future.

However, it is usually approved at the end of the "preview" phase.

My advice is to try it, in order to understand if it is in line with what you need.

If you plan to use "one-shot", you could use it.

If you plan to use it on an ongoing basis, please note that it may change and therefore the integrated functionality may break, and and you should have to make changes.