No formatting, when "hideSelection": false is used. Occurs since this week

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Hi folks,


since this week our row formatting isn't working anymore. This under the condition if you use

"hideSelection": false,

 this was working since a while. It can be reproduced on different formattings in our libraries.


If I switch to hideselection:true the formatting shows up.


Any idea why this is happening so suddenly and what to do get the formatting back using selection option?


Thanks a lot


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Hi, I also facing the same issue...Been using view formatting to customize our SharePoint lists at work, but they suddenly doesn't apply. Been trying out different solutions, and have found that if I change "hideSelection": false, to true, the formatting will apply again, also we need to be able to select list item.

Anyone know if there has been some changes made to formatting lately that might cause this? would appreciate if any help!!


@LakshmiPriya just to inform you quickly... after some day it worked again for our tenand. I assume there was a bug and it was fixed afterwards.

Yes, There has been issue due to Change release from Microsoft. We had raised a case with them then we got to know! Thanks for the information BTW.