NextChildByte Duplicate Content Type Issue with PnP deployed sites

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Don’t really think this is a PnP issue more of a product issue that I've seen before with SP2010 so a little surprised to see it still in SP2016. But we have a "master site" which we are using as a template site, we use PnP PowerShell "Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate" to export the XML and then deploy multiple sites. The issue is all of the sites have the “NextChildByte” duplicate content type issue so you get an error if you try to create any additional content types within the deployed sites.


PowerShell workarounds for the NextChildByte issue are already known and do work on the deployed sites but I was just interested if anyone else is seeing this issue in relation to PnP deployed sites ?  or any possible workarounds that could be worked into our deployment.


Lots of blogs that cover the issue, I've included a link below that covers the issue.




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It's been quite a while since I've last ran into this error. I'm not aware of any other workarounds. Are you making use of Content Types published through Content Type Hub as well?


It's been a while since I last ran into the error also but no Content Type Hub this time. We do have deployments that do have the CT Hub which is where I last had this issue but this time its just parent, child content types down three levels and we hit the issue.


Example, Document > PRJ-Document > PRJ Document A