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I'm new to the whole Framework thing, and even what you'd class as a developer. I generally know enough to get by, or modify an existing solution for my needs, but I could do with some help here. Previously, I had a SharePoint list that used a calculated column to render a button that linked to a popup page. Nothing clever. Now Microsoft have kindly removed this functionality and the boss would like to make use of the filter pane with the Modern UI, so I'm looking to achieve the same sort of functionality. I'd like either a column that provides a button to a popup (the popup contains a list view of a different list with an ID in the Query String to filter out other items in the list that don't match that ID, a parent/child relationship between the 2 lists) or I saw you can also implement a new command on the item context menu, something like this, to do the same. I understand this can be done through SPFx Extensions, but given I'm a fairly novicey developer, I could do with some help. I've got my development environment set up and successfully created a few of the projects in the walkthroughs provided, so understand workbench, gulp etc, just not sure how to go about implementing my requirement, most likely due to lack of understanding of how the various components are put together.


Any help you can give, or point me the right direction or a community that can do, would be appreciated.


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Hi Ryan, I recently went through the same and got familiar with SPFx quite quickly. Going through the hello world examples and then developing more useful SPFx examples took a bit of time but the examples really helped.

Hi @Pieter Veenstra,


Where are the more useful examples located please?


This is a good start:

But if you google for spfx samples you will find many more.