new site content page experience issue

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New site content page seems good. The only issue is we don't have any option to do customization. As an example now with new experience all site owners are able to add a "default document library" by clicking on New --> document library. The issue is the default setting is not applicable for everyone (default setting allow folder creation and keep 500 version for each file). We were using a template which is suitable for us (keep last 5 version and not allowing user to create any folder instead use metadata). In classic mode, by some code in master page, I remove default "doc lib" from add an app page but with new experince, we don't have any option for customization. Is there any timeline that this feature will be added? Anyone know a workaround to apply any simple javascript such as this?

The same issue is available in new doc lib experience. No JSLink or other customzation supported. That means, it doesn't have backeward capability. We push users to use new experience which is really faster but some of the feature is not working which is disappointing.


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Currently Microsoft has not shared what are they plans in regards of how we can customize the new experience for documet libraries, lists, site contents page, etc. So I guess we can only wait until someone from the team clearly communicate what our options are cc @Lincoln DeMaris @Vesa Juvonen

Thanks Juan for your answer. So you mean we don't have job to do till they let us know. Hopefully they will tell us soon when we have something to do (you know as a developer/designer, we need at least one way for doing our customization unless we don't have job )

Hi Eshan,


if you need the customisation i would switch back to the old experience. As you stated the new experience is faster so  check what is possible if your users are new to SharePoint it could be confusing but users used to have the old experience will not complain.