New SharePoint / Office365 Dev PnP webcast - CRUD operations with SPFx client-side web parts




New SharePoint / Office 365 Dev patterns and Practices webcast again available. We continue the journey on showing different capabilities with SharePoint Framework. This time this is around showing typical CRUD operations with different JavaScript frameworks. Great refererence also for future. Check out the video and more details from following blog post from

If you have any questions, comments or feedback - do not hesitate to use for example this post for providing your input. 

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Will there be truly OOP TypeScript/Javascript examples where the CRUD operations are methods on an (Javascript) Item Class? Current code is mainly (oldskool) Functional programming where all CRUD methods have there own function (duplicating about 70% code in each function), thus when one wants to change something in the request Headers one has to change it in 4 or more places.

Thx Danny for the feedback and good suggestion on the needed samples. We'll put that one on the todo list and obviously welcome also community contributions around these topics too, if someone is interested.