New SharePoint CSOM version released for SharePoint Online - August 2017

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Thanks, without this link it is very difficult to find the current CSOM release 


@Vesa JuvonenI went to and searched for CSOM Update. It returned a wide variety of results and none of them were this recent update. Would be possible to create a page that simply provides a change log listing of the CSOM updates? Every time I do a Bing or Google search, I get old blog posts and can't find the most current release.

Thanks for the feedback @Dean Gross. We publish all of our announcements around SPFx, CSOM, documentation etc. at, where you can also find monthly release details around latest CSOM versions. When new content is pushed out, we also use Facebook, Twitter and other channels for content promotion, but there's also room for improvement around these.


I absolutely understand that it would be great to have version details in one single page with all the differences. We'll look into this in the future absolutely.