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I know classic pages support SharePoint framework apps, but do modern pages support existing SharePoint Ad-ins? I suspect not from what I've read.

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Modern pages are already live in team sites. Our custom add-ins are not available there.

Thanks for reaching out Michael. This is a scenario we know is important.

Add-ins are here to stay, and they need to be available where you want to enable your customers and employees to work.

Stay tuned to our SharePoint Framework talks / demos at Ignite (coming up in a week) for specifics.

Hi John,


We have already started to evaluate the SP Framework and achieved some results still not described in the documentation or the blogs - for example, we have managed to implement dynamic properties (retrieving SharePoint lists and list views for the custom properties and using View's CAML to fetch data from SharePoint used in our custom components).


Just wondering what would be the case with script editors which we use to communicate with some of our provided hosted apps?

Thanks Kiril for your question, and playing with SPFx. I'm not exactly sure i understand your question. With the framework you can write a custom web part to access data and display it how you choose; you shouldn't need to use the script editor web part...
I will try to elaborate on the business case: a user is navigated to a SharePoint page with some GET url paramters. Based on those parameters, we change the iframe hosting our provider-hosted app in order to initialize different state of the app (for example, edit mode is the most simple case).