New List Experience Forms + KO

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I'm building a custom SharePoint list/form/workflow, and for the past ten years - indeed, since Marc Anderson's post/instructions - have been using XSLT to customize the forms.


But I see the new list experience seems to be using KnockoutJS in the forms? 


Has anyone delved further into this? Or has this been announced somewhere already and I just missed it? 


Do you think this is a replacement of the XSLT? Is it safe for me to start to build Single Page Applications using KO and maybe even JSON submissions? Or am I getting too far ahead of myself?


Equally - how soon should I start to move my legacy custom-XSLT forms on? 

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For know Microsoft has not commented techniques we will have to customize not only lists forms but also SharePoint pages...but it's clear you should start leaving the use of XSLT at least for SPO...for SP OnPremises is still an option you have, even I would avoid to use it.
Definitly go away from xslt the more modern solution like Display templates in combination with search.