New deployment tools and developer samples, including Angular

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At the European SharePoint conference we discussed several new deployment tools that are rolling out (or coming very shortly), including:


  • ALM APIs, which let you automate the deployment of SPFx and SharePoint Add-in packages
  • Site Collection App Catalog, for better controlling where new packages are deployed
  • Asset Packaging, which lets you pull together both your CDN JS resources and manifest XML into one package, for easier deployment.

In addition, we're working along with the Google Angular team to improve the experience of using Angular along with SharePoint Framework. The Angular folks have released a sample of their Angular Elements technology which lets you better incorporate the latest of Angular into platforms such as SharePoint.  Finally, we've also made tenant-scoped properties available for SPFx developers to tap into centrally managed settings.


Find out more on our blog post at!


-- Mike

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Hi Mark,
Nice improvements...are you going to provide out of the box ALM features in the SPFx Deployment Process?

We're always looking to improve the capabilities for deployment of SPFx packages, but is there a particular capability you're looking for?