Need to create a class registration form with limited spaces

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I'm trying to find a tutorial that will help me develop a class registration process using SharePoint. I've been search the internet, and I'll continue searching, but I'm hoping someone here has done it and can point me in the right direction. I tried this one - - but the "Register" Calculated field formula isn't working, I keep getting an error about the syntax. The formula he's using is =IF(Closed=TRUE;"Closed for registration";IF(RemainingSeats>0;CONCATENATE("<a href='#' onclick='OpenRegistrationForm(";StaticID;")'>Register</a>");"Class is Full"))


I've tried selecting the column names from the "Insert Column" dropdown list, but apparently I'm still not doing it right.  I need help, I'm on a tight deadline!

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Just to add to this... I'd really prefer an easier solution, especially since I only have a couple days to do this!

Which SharePoint version are you using (2013, 2016, Online)?

What is your list separator (";" or ",")? - You are using ";" in your formulars!

Have you tried building your IF statements one by one, to ensure each one is working?