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Dear team,

I need two things to be supported with my sharepoint intranet. I am having office365 business premium edition and I was setting up an intranet for my company. my question is :

1) how can I create a log in page for my site, so that when users browse to my site, the first thing they land is the authentication page , and when they sign in with the office account, they are allowed to go in.


2) how can I customize the URL of my site into, or something like that , what I am having now is the default that comes with sharepoint online , i.e . /site/ bla bla...


please help me , thanks,

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Might I ask why do you need that? When your users access Office 365 they have already to authenticate in the platform


Hi Juan,

I have  a plan to make some contents accessible to guests as well , that is why I needed the authentication page. can you help me with the best step by step tutorial for SharePoint online. either paid or free,

@Juan Carlos González Martín