Need suggestions : SPO custom forms dev as replacement for Excel vba macro (no SPFX,PowerApps)

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We want to convert very complex vba based Excel forms to sharepoint . These Excel forms have formulas, macro's doing little data manipulation and pulling up reference to previously submitted past entries. We don't want to use spfx  for sure so wondering what other js framework can be used. I know angular js is already out of support so it's out of league so left choice are jQuery forms, knockout or some other on sp classic. Sp powerapp is not an option as form contains large number of questions ( 100 + questions per tab and 7-8 tabs / sections)

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Why SPFx is not an option? If you are developing on top of SPO Modern sites, you have to go to SPFx
Not on modern yet and not have skillsets / resources for SPFX also not sure if SPFX can fulfill this requirement, don't have leisure to try SPFX fail / stuck and then go to other approch hence dropping SPFX. Not considering PowerApps as form will have 7-8 tabs and each tab will have 60-100 rows ( also need to pull data from multiple lists / query lists with multiple criteria dynamically )
Good thing of SPFx is there are tons of samples you can use for your learning and building your an example: However, one thing to consider here is the following: where are you going to store the data of your application? In SPO lists? Depeding on the complexity of the data model of your application you might need to think on storing out of SharePoint