Navigation Heading with no URL doesn't render on site when applying template

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We created structural global navigation on a site collection and when I get the PnP template with only the Navigation handlers, it shows Navigation Headings (no links) and the child links like this in the template:

<pnp:NavigationNode Title="Business" Url="" IsExternal="true">
<pnp:NavigationNode Title="Asset Management" Url="" IsExternal="true" />
That seems correct, but when I use Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate to a new site collection, the 'Business' navigation heading and it's child links don't render or appear in the site settings navigation area.
If I run Get-PnPProvisioningTemplate on this site, it does show the navigation nodes are there, however it shows this instead:  (Puts the {site} token in there)
<pnp:NavigationNode Title="Business" Url="{site}" IsExternal="true">
<pnp:NavigationNode Title="Asset Management" Url="" IsExternal="true" />


Has anyone else noticed this with Navigation using headings with no link (common scenario in nav menus)


I opened this also

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yeah, seems a bug on the ObjectNavigation Handler. I've added more info in GitHub issue.