Napa gone??


I'm trying to follow this tutorial Create a basic SharePoint-hosted add-in by using Napa Office 365 Development Tools but I can't find Napa in the SharePoint store anymore. Paging through the list of store apps alphabetically ends somewhere in the middle of "D". Search for Napa yields nothing.


Internet search has no info on Napa being deprecated or no longer available. 


What am I missing? 

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Thanks,  @Jared Matfess, but I'm not getting very far.


It says "This item has been removed from the store".




When I click the "buy" link I get these instructions:






When I follow these instructions, the SharePoint store cannot find anything, and I'm back where I started.




I'm using a freshly minted developer site on SharePoint online. The tenant has an E4 plan.

Try to add NAPA from a SharePoint Developer site and tell us what you see
Just an update from my side: I have just created a new developer site in one of my tenants and I can get Napa with no problems

@Juan Carlos González Martín I get what is shown in my last screenshot, just with the word "Napa" in the search box instead of the store product number. It can't find the app.


That would make sense if it has been pulled from the store. But other than the notice in the office store I cannot find anything about Napa not longer available. 

I used Napa two or three weeks ago and got the message at the top of the page that is was going to retire on the end of February. So no more Napa development anymore.

2 or 3 weeks ago I've read an article stating Napa were to be discontinued. I've looked up the article but can't find it anymore...

Thanks @Elio Struyf and @Paul Pascha. It's amazing how hard it is to find anything about Napa being discontinued. All my Google searches come up with nothing. 


At least through you, I have confirmation that it is not my fault.



Napa is gone.

If you go to you can check that Microsoft had removed it from the store.


You can always try to user, still online but really didn't try it to check if still works.


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Tiago Costa

thanks @Tiago Costa. I'd already seen the remark in the store. The site seems to work only with Microsoft IDs. I have not found how to connect with my 365 account (which has the same email address). 


Ah, well. Napa is gone.