MSOZoneCell_WebPart WPQ ID is keep changing

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I'm using JavaScript to submit the form. In new and edit forms I have content editor web part that is calling default web part zone id to submit an item to the list. but this WPQ id is changing everyday. It was not changing in the past but from this week this id is changing to 3,4,5.. everyday, even im not changing anything.

if (SPClientForms.ClientFormManager.SubmitClientForm('WPQ6')) return false;


Any suggestion to get the web part zone id to pass here?




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Hi Sal,

I have exactly the same problem. It changed twice until now in the last 3-4 months. I have CSS and JavaScript using the WPQX IDs and over night the IDs changed without any action from my side.


I think this is a bug ...



Hey @Sal_Sal 


I've been having the very same issue. My case is somewhat similar to yours, where I have been using JavaScript, but I'm using it to toggle some form inputs to show/hide depending on a selection of a drop down. The id attribute of the web part itself keeps changing randomly on it's own timing in a way that I can't control, in turn, breaking my JavaScript functions. Thing is, this particular web part is actively being used at the office and when this occurs, I always have to notify the entire team to stop using it until I fix it, which in turn affects business processes in the end, each time.


I have been attempting to come up with another way to approach this issue, by attaching a custom id attribute to the DOM elements I want to target, but the changing of the original id is preventing me from doing so.


All in all, I would also like to know why this occurs, because it is severely affecting internal processes. I am in the process of developing this web part into a more robust web part using SPFx with React, however in the meantime, as quickly as I'm trying to learn SPFx, I would really need the classic web part to continue to work as it should.


Can more light be shed on this issue please?


Thank you.

Hello Yarrah,


Cool, in the beginning I thought I was doing something wrong. Now it is more and more obvious there is some kind of undesired behaviour. I already got our IT issuing a ticket with Microsoft. Let's see, what's happening ...



Hey @Patrick Borgschulte,


That's great! I would appreciate if you can relay the feedback to us here IF possible. In the meantime, I guess all I can really do with this issue is work around it, like I always have to do. I mean, I'd also expect someone in support to notice our comments then shed some light on this post here as well, so I'm hoping for the best...

i am also facing the same issue . if anyone gives solution that will be great

@Yarrah We are in contact with Microsoft at the moment. I keep you posted.

Thank you so much @Patrick Borgschulte ! Looking forward to your feedback.

We are having the same problem. Very frustrating. 

@Sal_Sal We are having the same issue but it looks like it happens every time after Microsoft Security Patches are applied across the SharePoint Servers. So we are thinking of changing the script to get the handle of webpart in a different way than using the ID.

Hey @Sal_Sal ,


I chose to move away from everything classic at this point. But I know in some situations, there are those who cannot do this, so it must be very frustrating... I have developed web parts using SPFx and React.js to cater for my needs on the modern view. So far, this seem to have been the best approach for my scenario.

@Patrick Borgschulte Did you ever got feedback from MS on how to work around this issue?