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The search parameter for SharePoint sites in MS Graph yields unexpected results. When I enter the search term "Company" for instance, I get a certain number of sites whose names or displayNames do not contain this term. The documentation specifies the search properties for message collections and users, but not for SharePoint sites.

I'd guess name and displayName are searched properties (seems to be confirmed when I test this), but I'd like to know what additional properties are searched. The properties I get back in the results don't contain the search term, so there must be at least one additional property that is searched.

Example query:*Company*

Example result:

"createdDateTime": "2019-05-08T11:24:30Z",
"description": <intentionally left blank>
"id": <intentionally left blank>
"lastModifiedDateTime": "2019-05-08T11:32:39Z",
"name": <intentionally left blank>
"webUrl": <intentionally left blank>
"displayName": <intentionally left blank>

None of the blank properties contained "Company", yet the site is returned for this search query. If anyone knows why, I'd love to know. Thanks in advance!

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Douwe Kerstens
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