Move folder not working

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Hello Experts,

I am having an issue in SharePoint.

We have a task of moving folders from one library to another library. We can’t use the copy functionality since we also need to have the version history.  Hence our only option is to use action Move Folders.

Now I am using Microsoft flow to achieve this task which is working almost fine. I almost meant that it doesn’t move only one particular file from each folder.

We have a folder for every case created in dynamics CRM. At the end of the case closing, we have a workflow which generates a Word document using word template and stores that document in case folder in SharePoint.

Hence, each case folder is consist of many documents, most of them are uploaded by user but one is generated by System. The Flow that I have developed to migrate documents to new library is copying all other files but not the file generated by system.

In addition to Flow, I have also tried MoveFolder (MoveCopyUtil) command from the  Visual Studio to check the issue and then I got the error of File not found.

So my conclusion is, Flow is not able to recognize the file created by the plugin may be due to some metadata missing in the file. So after debugging I found out that some metadata has to be set for the document(file) hence my question is, can you all please let me know which Metadata should document must have to work with Move folder action in SharePoint.

Or let me know if my conclusion is wrong and I should do something else.

Any help would be highly appreciated. 

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