Modify a list using a URL

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I'm an avid OOB Sharepoint Online Power User.

I have no formal skills in programming, only what I pick up along the way.

I have a problem, I don't know how to solve it, maybe you can point me down the right path (yes, you casual reader)...

I have a List(ListA) with 2 Columns.  Column A is Rich Text.  Column B is a Text.

PROBLEM- Sending an email, by workflow, that has 3 links- option A,B,C.  Each link needs to update Column B in ListA with Text ie "picked option B".  

I really need 1 click. 

This little project is for a Retirement Community and anymore than 1 click in an email and they are in a Rabit Hole.

I think I have to use REST, JAVA and put it on a new page.  Did i mention I'm an OOB guy and fine Electrician but a unskilled programmer?

Any help would be most appreciated.




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If you are looking for zero code approach and have the right licenses, I'm think you may actually be able to do this by using Microsoft Forms and Flow.

* Send à link to the Form to your users with the choices

* Have a Flow trigger on the Form submit

* Flow will copy the input from your form to the SharePoint list


See if this template is any good for you as a start