Modified View from the Page not saving it in the list views

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I'm having an issue of finding the modified view in the list. I created one Test Doc library, Created on Test page, I added that Doc library view in the Page, then I clicked on Modified Current View and it navigated me to the Doc library View to modify it, just like the one we get when we click on modify view when we are in the list it self. Now the view is modified where i removed on column on the page, but in the library\list view I cannot find it. Where that goes? and how users will be set that in the future if they need to?


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@Sal_Sal When you edit a view from the page embedded list or library it will not create a new view or imapct existing views they will remain as is. Changes you made will be only reflect in page.
If you want you should create a view in the list or library then let users select that view from the edit web part option