Modern Team Site Creation - Error - Suddenly the response for Site URL is Null

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Modern site creation is suddenly failing today due to response coming back with Null.



 We have been using SharePoint’s REST API call to create a modern team site and the solution has been running for almost a year now without any problem. The API used: /_api/GroupSiteManager/CreateGroupEx (HTTP/1.1)




This solution was discussed with Microsoft an year ago recommended by MS as a supported solution.


Issue/Root cause:

This morning we have noticed that the API call returns following response with Null for site url:



Ultimately the site will get created but it takes fair amount of time and our process will error out due to null response.


Any directions is really helpful.




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@Vishwanatha Nayak I am receiving this error just now. Looks like it started appearing since this morning. We can't rely on this API I believe. But there is no replacement at the moment to create O365 group from SharePoint. 

Same issue using pnp CSOM.


About half of our teamsites, created from a signal from our CRM, are failing since between the 19th and 21th of june.