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I am attempting to recreate filtering functionality of classic connected web parts and I have been waiting on a MS provided solution.  I tried the recently released file viewer / list properties web part, but that doesn't filter.  I would like the ability to load two lists on a page and have list 2 filtered based on the item selected from list 1.

Does this web part exist as a download option in git hub or elsewhere?  If not, can someone point me to instructions on creating a web part with dynamic data functionality in SPFX to filter?

Thank you for your help.

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I am shamefully bumping this post as a week has passed.  Has anyone been able to filter list A based on a value selected in list B in a modern site?

The connected web parts released recently allow details of a list item from web part 1to be viewed in web part 2, but it still doesn't allow the classic connected web part filter functionality.  Has anyone figured out a way in a modern site to filter list web part 2 items based on list web part 1 selections?