Migrarate SharePoint 2010 structure to SharePoint Online

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I'd like to move the structure of some SharePoint 2010 site to SPO. For example Content Types, Taxonomy, Site Fields, Lists.

What is the best means of doing this? 


I have read about the pnp provisioning engine and have a working example against SPO, however I am not sure that this is applicable to SharePoint 2010? 


Can I get some guidance on this please? 




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IMHO, PnP project is not SP 2010 capable so you would have to build your own stuff to create a PnP valid schema that will allow you to recreate it in SPO

Thanks for your response Juan,


I presume this would be a lot of work. I could attempt it though if there were a set of steps I could follow? Do you know if this exists? 



Hi Gary,


I would suggest using a migration tool for this like ShareGate (I have no direct connection to ShareGate, but love their tooling). This way you could migrate your SharePoint 2010 sites to SPO and it will create the content types, lists, etc. for you. 


You could use PnP engine or PnP Core to create the structure in SPO. It won't do any migration of content. The PnP engine is not able to extract a template from a SharePoint 2010 site, but you could create the template manually. You could use a tool like SharePoint Manager in order to get the schema xml for your content types, etc. and put those in a PnP template. With some little tweaks to the xml it will work. This is pretty much work if your sites contain a lot of artefacts.