Merge 2 SharePoint List into a third List SharePoint Online

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i am using share point online and  have a share point online list which contains more than 5000k elements . i am able to overcome this threshold using indexing but if i use index column i should switch to classic experience view for the list but i do not want to use classic experience view i want to overcome this threshold with modern experience view since  i am using power apps to customize my create and edit form .


can you please help me ?


thank you,

Syed Shadab Mohammed

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Hi @syed_shadab_mohammed,

for what i know, in the modern view sharepoint has a predictive indexing for large lists and libraries. 

Index are created based on how the end-user is sorting/filtering the library.  Also, partial results are returned as the end-user scrolls down the list of items rather than returning all results at once.



thank you @Valter Lima  i will try it .